Top 5 Best Pex Expansion Tools for Plumbers

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From every homeowner to professional plumbers, everyone's familiar with PEX pipes. However, as professionals are taking PEX pipes as one of the most demanding plumbing solutions, they need to expand the end of the PEX pipe to join with other PEX fittings or installations. 

Well, a PEX expansion tool will make the job easier for you with its convenient expanding capacities and compact design. So in today's article, we'll show you the 5 best PEX expansion tools with exceptional build quality and features to make installation consistent. So without any further ado, let's jump right into it. 

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Top 5 Best Pex Expansion Tools for Plumbers

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Top 5 Best Pex Expansion Tools for Plumbers

5. Milwaukee 2432-22 M12 Propex Expansion Tool

Milwaukee 2432-22 M12 Propex Expansion Tool

Do effortless pipe expansion with the Milwaukee 2432-22, a tool that comes in a compact design with optimum cordless convenience to do faster Propex installations. It features an auto-rotating head to complete expansions for the most consistent installations, while the solid right-angle design lets you install tubing in the tightest spaces easily. 

Plus, this tool is compatible with 3-eighths to 1-inch opener expansion heads for user convenience, letting you get up to 130 half-inch Propex connections on a single charge. Constructed of rugged all-metal gears and having an integrated metal frame, it offers you super job site durability. 

Besides, the QuickCam mechanism allows you to do a precise and continuous expansion for years to come. There's an LED work light that illuminates your low-light workspaces, a battery fuel indicator to display the remaining life, and a convenient paddle trigger to operate it in confined spaces efficiently. 

So if you're seeking a tool for faster Propex installation in the most convenient way, then this Milwaukee 2432-22 will be the exact solution you'll like most. 

4. EFIELD Pex A Pipe Expander Tool

EFIELD Pex A Pipe Expander Tool

Now say hello to the EFIELD Pipe Expander, a professionally manufactured tool kit with the most precise expansion heads to give you accurate expanding results. This high-grade pipe expander has a metal frame and gear mechanisms that ensure top-level durability around your job site while meeting the ASTM F1960 standard. 

Plus, it is compatible with 1⁄2", 3⁄4", and 1-inch precise expansion heads so that you can get the perfect expanding outcomes throughout your whole project. Having long operating handles with a soft cushion grip, you'll get a comfortable grip with less fatigue, while its hard plastic case is there for easy transportation and storage. 

In short words, this EFIELD  is a great quality expander tool that completes your expansions more quickly than others and finishes the project accurately, taking minimal labor. 

3. IWISS ProPEX Expander Tool

IWISS ProPEX Expander Tool

Deal all your pipe and tube expanding tasks with the IWISS F1960MC, a manual yet convenient propex expander tool kit made of quality materials to withstand your all challenging job site situations. This handheld expansion tool is made out of aluminum alloy that makes it lightweight and is chrome plated for absolute weather and corrosion resistance. 

Plus, you can use this tool to expand all your PEX pipe while making plumbing connections, and you can use it with many types of PEX pipe, ProPEX, Uponor, and more. Additionally, this tool meets all the F1960 standards, while the precisely engineered expansion head allows you to do accurate expansion of Uponor PEX-A tubing. 

Besides, it has a soft ergonomic grip with an anti-slip design that lets you operate with maximum ease and a lightweight design that ensures you get the job done without any hand fatigue. Professionals who do pipe expansion regularly and want to ensure that the process doesn't go wrong, then this IWIS F1960MC will be worth checking out for them. 

2. DEWALT DCE400D2 PEX Expander Tool

DEWALT DCE400D2 PEX Expander Tool

Facilitate all your PEX plumbing needs with the DEWALT DCE400D2, a highly durable and fastest expander tool that holds an exceptional demand for professional expanding tasks. For added user convenience, this tool is compatible with 3⁄8 to 1-inch precise expansion heads, allowing you to do accurate connecting and fittings for your commercial projects. 

With an auto-rotating head, this expansion tool lets you complete all kinds of installations around your workplace, while a dual-sided hang hook and belt hook allow you to carry it easily around there. 

In addition to that, this expander tool features a full trigger actuation that helps you to operate in the most confined spaces and also has a rubber over-mold ergonomic grip for absolute comfort. It also has a built-in LED work light that assures a clear view of your dark work areas to get the task completed without any pipe or tube damage. 

To sum up things, this Dewalt DCE400D2 is a hardly made versatile and hardly-made pex expansion tool that will be an appropriate answer for all your installation problems. 

1. MILWAUKEE 2932-22XC ProPEX Expander Kit

MILWAUKEE 2932-22XC ProPEX Expander Kit

Replace your old pipe expander with the Milwaukee 2932-22XC, a high-quality Propex expansion tool that's the fastest and lightest in its class and has the maximum expanding capacity to make your connection consistent and efficient. 

This tool features the auto-rotating head mechanism and provides accurate expansions for the most consistent installations while making up to three times faster connections with an optimized expansion speed. Since this tool is equipped with a PowerState brushless motor and runs on a red lithium XC 5.0 battery, it allows you the fastest expansions with 20% more power. 

With a dedicated 2-inch head and integrated cone design, this tool lets you access tight spaces and do the fastest expansion between 1.25 and 2 inches. Its all-metal gears and integrated metal frame ensure optimum durability at your job site. At the same time, the compact D-handle design allows one-handed connections easily. 

Also, it features a convenient LED work light that illuminates the workspace for a better and more precise working experience. All things considered, this Milwaukee 2932-22XC PEX Expanding Tool holds the highest expansion capacity than the others. 

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So that was a list of the 5 best PEX expansion tools just for you. Thanks for reading. We always crave to learn more. If you think we missed a product or should add it, we would love to know. Please share this article with your friends if you found this article helpful. 


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