The 5 Best Nibblers For Metal Cutting Just For You

Vinod Pandey

Every professional metalworker or DIY enthusiast should invest in nibblers for precise cutting of their materials. Since nibblers are the ultimate solution to bring precise cuts on various metal materials. Professionals never forget to take them into their toolbox before starting any project. 

However, it can get challenging to choose the right one with many different types of nibblers out there. So in today's article, we'll show you 5 of the best nibblers for metal cutting that have optimum power and features to give you more bang for your buck. So without any further delay, let's dive in. 

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5 Best Nibblers for Metal Cutting

The 5 Best Nibblers For Metal Cutting

5.  Fein BLK 1.3CSE/N12 18 Gauge Nibbler

Fein BLK 1.3CSE/N12 18 Gauge Nibbler

Complete all your roofing, facade construction, and metal construction with the find BLC 1.3 CS, a compact and rapid nibbler that brings precise cuts while ensuring easy operation with a tool-free rotating, cutting head, this Gage Nibbler allows you to change the cutting direction to 45 degrees incrementally up to 360 degrees. 

It features a powerful 3.7 amp motor that provides up to 1800 strokes per minute for a fast cutting speed of up to 7.5ft per minute, allowing you to cut up to 18 gauge corrugated sheet metal quickly with ease. Weighing in at only 3.9 pounds and featuring a 16-foot electric cable, this nibbler offers you high maneuverability and user comfort for fatigue-free operation. 

In short, this BLK 1.3 CS 18 gauge Nibbler is one of the fastest and easiest to use Nibblers on the market, which will surely be a worthy buy that you can make.

4.  Makita XNJ01Z 16 Gauge Nibbler

Makita XNJ01Z 16 Gauge Nibbler

Eliminate all the metal cutting issues with Makita XNJ01Z, a cordless 16 gauge nibbler that provides metal workers and contractors an ultimate portable solution for their job site tasks. It's equipped with a Makita-built motor that delivers up to 9900 strokes per minute, so you can do the fast and easy cutting on up to 16 gauge corrugated metal sheets. 

Plus, this nibbler has a 360-degree rotating die holder that offers versatile features to meet all of the demands of cutting directions. With convenient chip disposal, it prevents damage to your cutting surface while providing one and three-fourths-inch inner edge and two-inch outer edge cutting radiuses. 

Moreover, it comes with a soft rubberized grip that ensures absolute comfort and control at the same time. A lock-on sliding switch allows you to operate continuously, so if you have any jobs like roof decking, sheet metal cutting, or stainless steel cutting, the Makita XNJ01Z will get it done conveniently without the cord. 

3.  Metabo HPT Nibbler

Metabo HPT Nibbler

Designed with the professional in mind, check out the Metabo HPT Nibbler, a cordless power tool that lives up to all your requirements for extreme cutting and meets every demand on the job site. 

This Nibbler comes with a 2.5 and 4-millimeter hex bar wrench, while the convenient 180-degree three-stop die, holder, lets you change the cutting directions to straight, right, or left. Easily packed with an 18-volt lithium-ion battery, this nibbler ensures a stand-out runtime for cutting a wide variety of materials such as milled steel plate, aluminum plate, corrugated steel, and many more. 

With a no-load speed of up to 2500 revolutions per minute, it allows you to bring smooth and fast results in a short time, while the one-touch quick-off slide switch provides enhanced safety. Weighing only 3.2 pounds and having a circumference handle with a soft grip, this nibbler facilitates super maneuverability and ease of use for your long term operations. 

To get a versatile metal cutting nibbler that can meet all the rough and tough demands of the job site, there's nothing like this Metabo HPT Nibbler.

2.  DEWALT DW896  Nibbler

DEWALT DW896  Nibbler

Next up, we have the DeWalt DW 896, a 16 gauge nibbler that's highly suitable for every professional application because of its optimum power and capabilities. Equipped with a reliable 3.0 amp all-bearing motor, this nibbler allows you to do quick and easy operations while ensuring a long lifespan. 

Plus, it has a round punch that allows a 360-degree pivot and a rotating head to make sure you can change the cutting directions as the job requires. Apart from that, the gear case of this tool is constructed of strong aluminum alloy, offering you maximum durability and dependability for a wide range of applications. 

Furthermore, you'll be able to do one-handed operations because it features a convenient paddle switch, allowing you to complete applications without having any muscle fatigue. To sum things up, this DeWalt DW 896 provides you with a huge number of features to solve all of your metal-cutting issues. 

1.  Makita JN1601 Sheet Metal Nibbler 

Makita JN1601 Sheet Metal Nibbler

Now meet the most versatile and powerful metal nibbler on the market, the Makita Jn 1601. A great example of strength, flexibility, and durability to handle all your commercial job situations, this metal nibbler has a powerful five-amp motor that delivers up to 2200 strokes per minute, allowing you to cut up to a 16 gauge milled steel and 18 gauge stainless steel easily and quickly. 

Plus, it features a die holder that rotates 360 degrees and provides a one-fourth-inch large stroke, meaning that you can cut in any direction depending on your job requirements. Also, this 3.6-pound tool has a small circumference barrel grip design for easier handling, while the lock-on sliding switch lets you operate continuously with a built-in thickness gauge and easy die replacement. 

It assures you absolute convenience with less downtime. Overall, this Makita JN 1601 Metal Nibbler conveys the most reliable and professional-grade qualities, which will be worth checking out before you start your next project. 

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So that was the list of the best five nibblers for metal cutting. Thanks for reading! We always crave to learn more if you think we missed a product or should add it. We would love to know. Please share this article with your friends if you found this article helpful. 


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