How to Stop Golden Retriever Puppy Biting with just 3 Tricks at early stage

Vinod Pandey

Ouch! Does your Golden Retriever puppy also bite you all the time whenever you try to play or pet him? Yeah, mine too! But don't worry, I'll share some easy-to-try tricks with you which has helped me to prevent my puppy from biting. I know puppy biting is frustrating, but trust me, that's not what you need to stop. What all you see on the internet or people tell completely misses the point. 

How to Stop Golden Retriever Puppy Biting

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Why do Golden Retriever puppies bite?

Let's start with, why do puppies bite? Nipping or biting is a natural instinct behavior of a dog because when they are young they explore the world with their mouth. They pick things up in their mouth and feel the texture, taste, and smell of them, which is a natural behavior for them. 

Golden Retriever Puppy biting or fighting is one of the most important development lessons of their life when they are just a few weeks old and their teeth have started to grow. When a puppy bites or nips another puppy too hard while playing, The nipped puppy yells and that sound teaches the first puppy that it wasn't okay. 

That's how they acquire the skill of monitoring and adjusting the force of their bite pressure in situations. This process develops acquired bite inhibition

A good ABI cultivates a safe dog in adolescence and can't be altered in later. That's why it is necessary to bite-train your Golden Retriever puppy very early to avoid accidents when they are fully grown. Let's go with the first trick. 

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Cry out, Ouch

When a puppy starts biting you while playing, then loudly say, ouch, that hurt. Your puppy will buck his head back. Remember, do not jerk your hand or body part away from your puppy because that triggers chasing. As your puppy backs off, praise them softly. 

If he again bites you harder, then try to ramp it up with tone and volume without making it scary. This strategy will help to puppy bite go softer and softer over time. Also, make sure to cry out even if they bite your clothes or hair. Eventually, with time, it will understand to be gentle with all these. 


The second trick is the bailout. When the puppy biting gets too intense, just stand up and leave. Ignore your puppy for 30 to 60 seconds and try playing with them again. Remember not to put your puppy in timeout because what he is doing is not a bad behavior to punish. 

Golden Retriever puppy biting and nipping are natural and necessary. You've got an opportunity to create a safe future dog with consistency, time, and appropriate praise and you'll start noticing later that biting has got softer and softer over time and has converted into soft mouthing. 


Now, the third trick is redirection. Use any chew treat like bacon because it has a really strong smell or any toy for this strategy. So, When it's playtime with your puppy and it starts nipping or biting, redirect them from biting your skin toward the chew treat or a toy in your hand. As they stop biting, praise them with soft engagement. 

Also, when they are distracted by the treat or toy present in your hand, try to touch their sensitive areas like ears, paws, tail, or belly because this will help to make your puppy comfortable with the touch so that in the future if a random kid grabs the tail or touches your puppy, it will be comfortable with it. 

Wrapping Up

That's it. Simple and easy. Try out these 3 simple tricks with your Golden Retriever puppy and let us know how it goes. Also, share your trick in the comment section if you got a trick tested on your Golden Retriever puppy. 

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